About Six Stories

Kansas City-Based Digital Marketing Agency
We’re a Kansas City-based digital marketing consultancy that CEOs and agencies call when freelancers just aren’t enough.

Our founder, Kelsey Jones, has been in digital marketing since 2007 and leads a team of scrappy, hardworking people that know the value of great content.

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Everything We Do is Around Our Six “Stories”

Pillars of Great Content:

  1. CONTENT: Good content is behind everything we do. If we weren’t lovers of the written word, we couldn’t produce the type of content that gets results.
  2. DATA: Heart and experience are what shapes our ideas. Data drives our decisions. We regularly look for patterns in performance and engagement to ensure that we are doing the best possible job for our clients.
  3. EXPERTISE: No matter your industry, we probably have an expert on staff that has worked in it. And if we don’t, we pride ourselves on learning your industry. We don’t churn out content, we create it.
  4. HONESTY: Many of our past clients come to us for advice because they know we’ll be straight with them. It’s not in our bones to choose the most beneficial answer for Six Stories. We want all businesses to succeed. By elevating others, we elevate ourselves.
  5. EDUCATION: We take education seriously and believe that our industry is furthered by giving everyone the knowledge to make better decisions. Employees get one book a month and often attend conferences and take online training. We also prioritize sharing what we know with others. We regularly speak at conferences like Pubcon and State of Search, have three e-books, and hold regular webinars and live streams to share our best tips.
  6. DIVERSITY: Our clients are globally diverse, and so are we. We look for writers, editors, and strategists that have traveled around the world and are from a variety of backgrounds. We feel this makes them better storytellers for our clients.

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