An active social media presence can help you increase your online visibility, get more website traffic, and even increase sales and engagement.

Six Stories clients usually experience bigger initial growth and then regular gains of 2-10% monthly, which is steady and the recommended amount. 2-10% gains mean that these are genuine current and potential customers that are interested in your business and product.

With an active social media presence, our clients:

  • Get more engagement on their social media content to grow thought leadership & community involvement
  • Get website traffic and leads from social media
  • Are more readily accessible to potential clients and employees so it’s easier to find more leads and better team members

Our social media packages range from $500-$2,000 per month.


With Our Social Media Marketing Packages, You’ll Receive:

A comprehensive strategy on what to keep and what to change
Social media content calendars, sent for your approval in two or four week increments
Regular monitoring of your social media platforms to determine areas where you can get involved or better serve your customers

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