Stop Wasting Time on SEO Tactics That Haven’t Worked for Your Business Since 2008

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You worked hard to build a strong SEO foundation for your business, but your recent site visits and conversion rates tell a very different story. After thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours invested, you’re expecting to still get the same results you got eight years ago. But the rules of SEO have changed.

Marketing to search engines is OUT

With the release of Google’s biggest algorithm change, which took effect way back in 2012, previously high-ranking websites lost visibility in search results for over-optimizing keywords. Search engines are now bringing down the hammer on tactics that try to trick the system. Bottom-line: trying too hard or implementing what has worked in the past won’t cut it anymore.

Marketing to humans is IN

Research by industry experts shows that over 50% of your search rankings are directly related to the quality of your content, along with the implementation of SEO best practices. Bottom-line: following the rules is your best chance at getting higher visibility and better results from your SEO efforts.

The Search Rescue audit addresses and fixes the elements of your current strategy that are sinking your results, using the rules of SEO to help you dominate the search engines again.

What’s included:

  • Performance report of your website and other online properties, including:
    • Recommended SEO Best Practices we can implement immediately
    • User experience
    • Social media profiles
    • Review and local business profiles
  • A comprehensive local and search optimization plan to fix errors and improve visibility
  • Recommendations for building an ongoing content and social marketing success strategy

Cost: $4,000

The Search Rescue Audit also includes SEO implementation, performance monitoring and priority support to ensure you’re seeing the results of your new search marketing strategy within the first 90 days.

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