Learn How to Use Snapchat and Social Media Giveaways to Engage Your Customers, Grow Your Audience, and Get More Traffic


How to be awesome at social media giveaways
The Complete Guide to Snapchat Marketing


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Kelsey’s two book series on social media covers the emerging tactics marketers are using to engage their audiences where they are most active.


Whether you have a women’s clothing boutique, run a frozen yogurt shop, or have a non-profit, our social media marketing book bundle will give you the insights you need to build better campaigns.

Our social media marketing book bundle will help you:

Learn what strategies work on Snapchat

Two of the fastest-growing photo and video platforms

Harness giveaways to grow your online presence

Giveaways can help you get more sales, email subscribers, and website traffic.

Go where your competitors aren't

Not enough brands are using Vine and Snapchat. Establish a presence there and beat your competitors.


Get the book bundle for $9.97 now!