For those who keep up with Twitter news, you couldn’t have missed the big news last week that Twitter was attempting to kill off all spam accounts on their website.

Twitter spam was getting out of control, and even though many users experienced heavy drops in the number of their followers because false accounts were being deleted, this can only have a positive impact on your business.

Once Twitter has mostly gotten rid of spam accounts, then you will have a more accurate picture of the genuine people are that are actually following you. For example, when you are thinking about tweeting about your newest blog post to your 10,000 followers, it will reach a much lower number of people, as almost everyone has some sort of spam account following them. Once these spam accounts are removed, you will have a more accurate number of people you are reaching through your tweets.

If you follow @tless, they will automatically send you a direct message every week with your total number of new followers and a total number of people who have ‘dropped’ you (stopped following you). For my personal Twitter account last week, I had 20 or so adds and 56 ‘drops’, due to the eradication of spam accounts.

While I’m not happy with the lower follower number, I do know that this is definitely more accurate, and I applaud Twitter for their efforts to get all that nasty spam outta’ there!

NOTE: If you don’t want your business account to be labeled as spam, read this great article on What is and Isn’t Spam on Twitter on ClickZ.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones