Have you ever wanted to ask someone something, but didn’t want them to know you asked it? Do you just have a weird question you like asking to get to know people better? Well, now you can ask away, thanks to Formspring.me. Formspring is this cool social media site where you can ask a person with a formspring account questions anonomously or by using your formspring user name.

Even cooler, the question box is embeddable in 3 different sizes too. You can also change the form colors.

With the Formspring.me website is a haven for nerds from around the world wanting to ask hot girls creepy questions, it is also great for public figures, employees who want to ask their corporate headquarters (or direct supervisor) a question, or just inquiring minds who won’t sleep until you answer the question, ‘Who Was Your Favorite Spice Girl?’

Formspring.me links to Twitter and Facebook so you can post a standard ‘Ask me anything! http://formspring.me/wonderwall7’ message or so you can post your answers to the questions people have asked.

Profile backgrounds are customizable as much as twitter backgrounds are– you can choose from a plain background (navy), a color, a default tiled pattern, or you can upload one yourself. However, you can text the colors of the background if you’ve uploaded a static image (not tiled) or the colors of the text, sidebar, and main question and answer box.

Kelsey’s Formspring.me profile

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones