Here’s another re-cap piece from Free State Social– Sarah Evans. I was able to attend virtually and didn’t have any technology problems- almost unheard of.

Sarah runs her own business- Sevans Strategy and can be found on Twitter: @prsarahevans She was probably my favorite speaker today. I can’t believe she only started Sevans Strategy 7 months ago! She definitely knows what she’s doing.

Main points/quotes from Sarah’s presentation entitled How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Online

  • 31 M us internet users will write blogs in 2010
  • 79% of the largest fortune 500 use FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • I want to be viewed as a trusted resource, esp in terms of ways to use online networks and social media to communicate.
  • So, what’s your goal?
    • Build business
  • 9 ways to stand out online
    • Find an opportunity to showcase what you do best.
    • Hijack a conversation and offer an opportunity to share
      • People love building communities
    • Meet a need in an innovate way
      • #journchat on Twitter
        • ID’ed a larger need
        • Asked permission
        • Innovative
        • Evolves
        • One pitch- what’s in it for me? Promote yourself
        • We’re a community
    • Generate A LOT of quality content
      • Think multimedia- video, photos
      • Guest posting- readwriteweb, mashable, etc
    • Do it for a good cause- mobilize people around a cause
      • #beatcancer—there was no competition because it was an umbrella term
      • #crisisovernight
    • Give freely, give often
      • Don’t worry that people won’t use you just because you explain what you do
      • Share, acknowledge, give
        • Tips, tricks, and tools
        • Trade secrets
        • Retweet, like,comment,post
        • Self-promote
        • Read your feeds, respond, jump in
    • Think like those you’re trying to reach.
      • In the US our relationship with news is portable, personalized, and participatory
    • Get sourced…a lot
      • Sign up for
      • Follow journalists online
      • Identify story opportunities where you are best source and pitch them
      • Focus on media, bloggers, and online influencers
      • Use pitchengine for your releases
      • Look at localized trends on Twitter and go after local outlets
    • What else? Has this sparked any ideas?
      • Aggregate content in order to stand out online.
      • Take it offline- do one on ones
      • Translate news and how it applies to them.
      • Share people. Connect people to people.
  • How do you manage your message? You can’t, but you can start it.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Founder/Chief Marketing Consultant at Six Stories
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones