Here is my final re-cap from Free State Social – and it is fellow Kansas native, Scott Raymond, who is the co-founder of Gowalla. He spoke about Location Based Networks.

Here are his main points/quotes:

  • 3 Themes and how they can come together when starting Gowalla
    • Touch-screen technology
    • GPS on phones
    • Social media
  • It is basically an electronic passport- you’re ‘stamping’ where you’ve been
  • Greeting Rituals
    • Location is fundamental
    • It taps into something that is at the core of our identity and how we belong in the world.
  • Macroscopes: the way access the word at a social scale. Helps us see the aggregation of many small actions looks like when added together.
  • Recording the Passport
    • Looking at badges, you can tell (a snapshot) of someone’s life
  • Sharing with Friends & Family
    • Photos and stories make ‘check-ins’ interesting
    • Photos in GoWalla get attached to your passport and where you checked in- so others can see the food that is served there.
  • Discovery: hot spots and events
    • Can make physical and temporal (events) places, like Free State Social
      • This came from user input
    • Hot spots are kind of like trending twitter topics- when a large amount of people check in to somewhere, it gets pushed up to the top of the list
  • Putting Location to Work: From a business perspective
    • #1: Deals: driving foot traffic through promotions.
      • Had a onetaco promotion- sold 12 tacos for every 1 they gave away. People who had free tacos brought friends and came back on other days to pay for tacos again.
      • New Jersey Nets: win tickets at certain check-ins
      • Proximity marketing is traditional marketing x10- they are looking for deals because they are at your business or nearby
    • #2: Service: can provide data
      • Look at people who’ve checked into your business the most, and reach out to them- tweet them on Twitter or send them free coupons
    • #3: Presence: &branding
      • InCase has a contest to collect all of their 6 new products virtually on Gowalla so they could get a real product. People checked into Apple stores.
    • Questions
      • What’s  your difference from FourSquare?
        • We don’t consider ourselves a game. It’s more about camaraderie. It’s more about sharing your life experiences

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones