A while ago, I made a promise to myself- if any concert that came to Kansas City that I want wanted to go to, I would go. The only thing that would stop me would be price– if a single ticket was over $75, I most likely wouldn’t go, but other than that, it was fair game.

Here are some of the concerts/performances I’ve been to this year:


Conan O'Brien


Green Day
David Sedaris


Lady Gaga


She & Him
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Chelsea Handler


Vampire Weekend







I also enjoy going to festivals– I enjoy the food, the atmosphere and the sometimes crazy people. I’ve been to Maifest, a Hot Air Balloon Festival, and Ciderfest. Here’s some photos:


OP Hot Air Balloon Festival



At Louisburg Cider Mill Ciderfest



2010 Maifest in Hermann, MO


Can you tell Allegra (far left) is my festival buddy? We love going to public events. Leighana does too (far right)– she’s just busier than us. 🙂

I also post a lot of concerts I’ve seen on YouTube, and I just got a new Zodak Zi8, so there will be a lot more videos coming soon.

Here’s to more festivals, concerts, and performances in 2011!

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones