So I’m not even going to talk about how my phone was stolen at Panera yesterday. Nope. OK I will say that I wish I had downloaded the stolen phone app that allows you to direct your phone online to set off a foghorn sound and then shut down and become in-operable. Had I known that an app was available to turn my phone into a Batmobile, I would have jumped on it. Oh well, lesson learned. Learn from my dumbness and INSTALL A STOLEN PHONE APP RIGHT NOW.

OK so I wanted to talk about MySpace for a second. I had to get on it to see if this artist’s album was worth downloading (sidenote: I’m obsessed with Mashup artists, like Girl Talk and E-603, and Super Mash Bros.) and this wave of annoyance washed over me.

Then it hit me—MySpace is the Internet Explorer of social media:

  1. It looks like shit
  2. It never works right
  3. Dumb people use it. Seriously if you would just download Firefox or Chrome you would see how the internet really runs. It would be like going from dial-up to DSL.


Let me know what you think about this analogy. Oh wait, NO ONE COMMENTS ON HERE even though they come up to me and say they read my blog. Way to make me look like even more of a loser, guys.

In honor of MySpace, I present my Glitterfy graphic of the week:

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones