So I finally got a new Evo courtesy of my insurance company. You never realize how much you miss something until it’s gone. I downloaded my old favorite apps, which include MyFitnessPal, FourSquare, Twitter, etc. and didn’t forget to include the ol’ background stand-by app, aptly named “Backgrounds”. There are always some good gems here, whether it be pictures of Greece or Hawaii to remind me why I work so hard (so I can travel, duh) but I was in the mood for something more urban with my new phone.

Enter this gem:

panda-gunsI’ll give you some time to just digest how awesome this background really is.


OK so now that I’ve shared something so personal with you, why not take it up a notch and share some other personal photos. This next photo is a family member we are quite embarrassed of.  He is currently in exile at my mother’s house until H and I (ok who are we kidding, until just ME) have time to properly kick his butt and get him back to normal.


charlie This is Charlie. And while this asshole is somehow extremely photogenic, if I would have been mean enough to take an un-flattering shot of him, you would see how his body is now wider than his head and shoulder region.

Yup Charlie, come Oct. 15, times are a-changin’. No more treats and the easy life laying on picnic tables and couches. You will be the lucky reciepient of a 1 hour walk a day until we get yo’ ass back into shape. He has somehow gained 10 pounds since he started living with my mom back in June 2009. He originally only weighed 50 pounds so he has gained 20% of his body weight in 2 years.

Don’t you know we have a No Fatties Policy in our house Charlie? Soak up the fatness while you can because Operation: De-Fat begins in 7 months. Maybe you can gain another 5-10 pounds in the meantime so I can really have my work cut out for me.


Other highlights of the weekend spent in Manhattan:


The Best Thing Ever For Sale In a Gas Station






Is it just me or do rows of jellybeans like this make you want to do a photoshoot where you are dressed in 50’s style attire with pin curls and you are holding a giant lollypop and you look pretty in red lipstick for once? Also maybe your friends are there too and you look adorable posed next to the candy and no one thinks you are weird? No? Just me? OK then.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones