So today was supposed to be our moving day. I should be sitting in my new office right now, with my robot fabric board and cheap Wal-Mart desk. Instead I’m still at my apartment, due to the fact that a filtered water line split open 4 days before closing. This is what happens when you have a snobby dedicated filtered water faucet, I guess.

But good things are to come—we get to replace the questionable carpet in the living room with hardwood floors. I never thought I’d be so excited to pick out wood and cabinets so much in my life.

Anyway, here are the ‘befter’ pictures (before re-do, after damage occurred):


I shot pictures mostly of the basement. They rose up the carpet to dry it out, which ended up to be an epic fail because there was some nasty stain that they couldn’t get out (that’s what she said? Maybe?). The last photo is the living room. I didn’t take a photo of the whole room because the realtor, contractor, and H were there, and I didn’t want to be the freak who is taking photos of nasty carpet, so I kept it discreet.


Here’s how the drywall is now. If you do some CTRL+ +, you can see the color of the cabinets we chose (the door on the bar). We keep it classy. Also please note the empty bottles and Sonic bag. I guess H isn’t the only man who doesn’t throw away trash?!

They are supposed to be done with everything by Thursday, so we can close on the house Friday. This means I did about 4 hours of packing today. Took me that long to do the master bath and most of the master bedroom. I hated myself that entire 4 hours, mostly because I never clean ANYTHING, so everything was really dusty. Let’s hope the Swiffer will be my new best friend in my next life, aka life with a property I actually 50% own but unfortunately have to clean 100% of.

I took some photos of my packing adventures but for now that exhilarating thrill ride will have to wait. My new Sony camera makes me feel dumb and I have to use the other computer to download photos. And for all that, I’m just not ready for.


I’m going to start a new installment- Food Commentary. You will be interested because I made this sexy graphic to segway into it each post:


No joke, this font is literally called muffaroo. One of the reasons why I downloaded it.

I’m thinking if I keep a food diary it will shame me into eating more healthy. After all, look at what I ate today:

  1. 2 Granola Thins (try them frozen—life changing!)
  2. Movie Theatre Popcorn
  3. Sonic Grilled Cheese & Tater Tots
  4. Clif Mojo Bar
  5. Lucky Charms
  6. Lunchables Cheesy Pizza
  7. Low-Carb Tortilla with Crunchy Peanut Butter


Not good, but I’ve had worse. I need to become a food blogger and take photos of pretty food. We’ll see. Maybe after we finish moving? I’m on a mission to eat completely out of our pantry until we move on Saturday.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones