Should be obvious, huh? but the fact of the matter is, sadly, some comedians are not funny. It just so happens that the comedians I happen to like are hilarious, so that works out nicely. Anyway, H, the bff and her husband all went to see Nick Vatterott and TJ Miller last night at Stanford and Sons. They were hilarious! We got front row seats even though we bought the cheapest tickets and we even got to meet TJ after the show:


Making Bad Driver’s License Photo Faces (you’ll be in on the joke in a minute)



I told him Leighana takes horrible photos when she’s drunk so we all closed our eyes to make sure we all took a bad photo.

I loved TJ Miller in She’s Out of My League but him on Conan really sold me:


For the record, I have Sketchers Shape-ups too—the flip flop ones. I’m OK with it too. You should be also. Smile


Here’s Nick Vatterott. Some questionables were talking to him so we didn’t get a photo with him.

He was awesome. No mustache though—sad times.


In other life news, I finally finished my office and bought some new art for the living room. As Harry says, “We are not classy enough for candlesticks. Put those away.” But never fear, I am going to force the classiness on us!

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones