I’m a weird kid. Don’t let my symmetrical facial features and straight teeth (thanks for my braces mom!) fool you. So in homage to my days when I hooked up dinosaurs to my Barbie horse carriage and had a feathered mullet, I subconsciously (and sometimes full-consciously) seek out people as weird (if not weirder) than myself. Because in my mind, weird = gifted and awesome.

Seriously guys. I know I’m at least above average looking, especially when I lose about 10 pounds. It’s just science. However, here’s a throwback to how I spent the first 17 years of my life:


Shout out to my brother who apparently loved denim and red bouncy balls. Anyway, hopefully the above photo gives me some street cred in the weirdness neighborhood.

Thanks to the fact that I’ve gotten real good at the internets (I do make money off of it, after all), I have found several fellow weirdos who I love and admire. And I am so lucky to have just purchased tickets to see one—Har Mar Superstar in Lawrence in November. Never heard of him? Let me introduce you:

It gets real weird around the 0:53 mark.

Mr. Har, I love you and look forward to November with a happy heart full of men’s briefs and glitter vests.

Another weirdo who I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing in concert (yet) is Guther. I won’t show you any of his actual music videos because I run a (mostly) clean blog here, kids. But if you want to see a man with a mustache wake up from a threesome or women in bikinis and bad hair extensions, go to youtube and look for his actual music videos.

Awww, yeah.


While I can assure you that Mr. Har is legit and very talented, I haven’t decided wither Guther is an ingenious joke or not. I mean, it has to be, right? But he is from Sweden, and no offense but sometimes those Norwegians are just plan nuts. (Bjork, anyone?!). PS I don’t care if Norwegians isn’t the correct term or Bjork isn’t Norwegian, or whatever.

Anywho, before I go meet a friend for lunch for Mexican 2 days in a row, I leave with you one other weirdo who doesn’t need to make songs in order to prove how really awesome he truly is.


Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones