By Kelsey Jones

We all know one—for some of us, it is ourselves (me included) – a geek who laughs at binary jokes and complains when someone doesn’t set up their FTP host correctly for uploading. OK, so maybe these are my #geekproblems, but that hasn’t stopped me from coming up with some super awesome geeky toys that I know your inner geek will appreciate.

The iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet: $79.99 currently on

This makes me want to get an iPad, and I’m a total android user. Hook your iPad into the cradle, and it connects to the iCade via Bluetooth to allow users to play classic Atari games, such as Asteroid. If the words “bluetooth” and “Atari” are foreign to you, just know that this is super awesome if your Geek has an iPad.






Air Swimmers: $39.99 each at

So ThinkGeek tries to say this is for children ages 3-7, but I’m going to go ahead and say anyone who appreciates flying objects will love this. These giant inflated balloons can be controlled by remote to “swim” through the air. Seriously, if you aren’t entranced by this, I’m not inviting you over for Shark Week next year.





Bike Navigation System iPhone Case: $45.00 on Urban Outfitters

For the ultimate geek, who loves technology AND likes to bike, this is an iPhone case that can be attached to a bike so the phone’s navigation feature can be used. $45 seems a little pricey though, but I’ll let ya’ll google for yourselves.







Dog USB Splitter: $10.00 on Urban Outfitters

One of the common #geekproblems I commonly face is not having enough USB ports. What if I need to plug in my mouse, back-up drive, printer, Kindle, and iPod all at once!? Luckily, this nifty dog USB splitter comes to my rescue.







One Year Subscription to Wired Magazine (affiliate link): $19.99 on

Wired Magazine is pretty awesome for anyone who likes technology, the internet, science, or any other stuff that made most people fall asleep in high school. (I, however, was wide-awake, learning how to program & write HTML in my Advanced Web Design class)






Elenco OWI T-Rex Aluminum Kit (affiliate link): $12.05 on

Another toy that is supposed to be for “children”. Seriously, why do kids get all the awesome stuff and I’m stuck with books and hand soap?! You assemble this t-rex yourself using pre-cut parts. All tools are included.

Other versions: triceratops, scorpion (which I almost chose, but a t-rex would crush a scorpion in real life, so I had to go with Nature’s greatest predator), praying mantis, stegosaurus, rhino beetle, and dumb butterfly (seriously, don’t get the butterfly).


Darth Vader Character Lamp (affiliate link): $51.86 on

So the reviews on this beauty aren’t too great, but you would think that if the light was dim, you would get a stronger light bulb. Electricity 101 here, people. Anyway, any Star Wars lover will enjoy this fine specimen. It also comes in a Boba Fett version, but let’s be honest, Darth is where it’s at.





And so concludes my geek gift list for this Christmas (and Hanukah).

Do you have any good “geek” gift ideas?

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones