Guest Post by Emily Rankin

The indie film Adventures of Power is labeled a comedy that follows the path of a coal miner who chooses to follow his true heart’s desire, drumming. Well not just any type of drumming: Air drumming. But this film is more than just a comedy, it’s a “root for the underdog/go on fly your freak flag” feel-good flick that people love.

So why are we so afraid to embrace our originality in real life? Sure, everyone knows people who are “out there” creative types that march to their own air drummer, but even they make a lot of their decisions based on wanting to be accepted. Their secret could be as simple as having a Wild Child persona that actually really loves a quiet home life. But we hide the truth because it’s labeled weird.

The More Things Change…

With two feet planted firmly in adulthood the majority of us still have moments of insecurity that transport us back to the playground where we hoped and prayed we wouldn’t be the last ones picked for kickball. We want to be liked and understood so we hide our true duality. So what if you’re a staunch feminist who also knits a mean afghan, that’s okay! Or an openly gay man who’s also active in his church, rock on!

Why can’t that CEO be at the top of his game and a thrashing metal singer on the side? Because if he is in his heart yet avoiding it in life then he’s missing out on the good stuff just because a surface glance doesn’t make instant sense to people whose opinion he may or may not want to ever care about.

What is Normal?

No one I’ve ever known, that’s for sure. No matter how hard we try to seem like we aren’t – humans are beautifully complex animals. So what? If you’ve got loads of money but you still enjoying clipping coupons, have at it.

If the things that give you joy don’t hurt other creatures or yourself then go on and embrace it! Lead by example in your authenticity. Also share your gifts and knowledge. For instance if you’re frugal as all get out and you know where the cheapest everything is then start a blog or a news letter, even if your husband makes more than enough money and is slightly embarrassed by it.

You are You. You are unique. You have a particular combination of gifts and viewpoints that no one else does. You are a snowflake – and aren’t you glad you are?

Learn to be more than okay with the fact that you are not normal – even if your abnormality is just that you’re WAY normal. The most interesting characters in both history and art are beautifully quirky studies in contradiction. Why rob yourself of your rightful position center stage?

To paraphrase Whitman, ‘Sound your barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.’ You’ll be glad you did. You might lose some friends along the way, but the ones who stick around will be the ones worth keeping anyhow.

Written by Emily Rankin. She knows where to find cheap insurance, so what?

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones