headset2The internet is ripe with literally millions of websites that offer free information and media, including music, books, photos, and other media. The important component is deciphering which are legal (including creative commons) and which are not. When looking for free music, books, and photos online, it’s important to be sure you are following all media download laws, as well as any creative commons guidelines.

Free Music Online

Music can be found online for free legally if you just know where to look. Music download services like iTunes and Amazon.com occasionally offer free songs and singles for a short period of time, sometimes only for a day. To find out when iTunes and Amazon are offering free music downloads, visit:

There are also websites that offer free open creative commons music, as well as free streaming music. Sometimes on-demand streaming music services are just as good as having the songs in your own music library, as you can search and play for music on demand, as well as create your own playlists. Here are some more recommended free music websites:

Free Books Online

Many older books (from the 1800s and 1900s) are offered for free on these sites listed below. Additionally, the Amazon Kindle store also occasionally offers books for free, in the same way they offer music. PDF e-books can also be read on Kindles and iPads, as well as smartphones that have the free Kindle app.

You can also use free book trading services to trade books with other users. All you have to pay for is shipping. Sites include:

Free Stock Photos Online

If you need stock photos or clip art for your blog, website, marketing campaign materials, or other purpose, there are several sites that offer free clip art and stock images. These photos are often high-quality and just as usable as the paid stock image sites like Shutterstock.com.

These are just some of the millions of resources available for free music, books, and photos online. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Founder/Chief Marketing Consultant at Six Stories
Kelsey Jones helps clients around the world grow their social media, content, and search marketing presence. She enjoys writing and consuming all kinds of content, both in digital and tattered paperback form.
Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones