Hint: it’s not because they don’t make me dizzy, because most do.

3d-audienceI went on a movie date with H to see The Amazing Spiderman on 4th of July eve. He didn’t even have to beg; I love superhero and action movies (with Sin City and Inglorious Bastards being two of my favorites). He did have to persuade me, however, to see it in a 3D and IMAX combo that I was sure to make me as dizzy as Tron and Avatar did.

However, IMAX is a guilty pleasure (with buttered popcorn being a requirement) so I agreed. Where there, I realized that there are several things that separate 3D movies from “regular” ones, making the experience an enjoyable (and non-dizzying) one, for once.

  1. People Get REALLY excited. Like maybe overly excited. You don’t really need to arrive 30 minutes early. The movie is just like any other, except you have to wear actually-kind-of-cool-looking-now sunglasses the entire time.
  2. People put on their 3D glasses as soon as they get to their seat. Commence me chuckling at their expense because you don’t have to wear them until the screen tells you too! Silly movie watchers.
  3. You should probably not wear your regular glasses. Otherwise, you will be double poppin’ your glasses, like H and I both had to do. Good thing it was dark in there.
  4. You are guaranteed to hear some crack about things being in 3D. Jokes that contain some variation of “I wish Kate Upton was in 3D” just make you sound dumb. People don’t realize that LIFE is in 3D. We are not all Flat Stanleys! Go outside, mofos.

Moral of the story- the $13 I spent was worth the people watching and the movie was pretty good too. Now I can only hope no one has a picture of me wearing two sets of glasses. That doesn’t look good in any dimension.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones