where to find online shopping discounts or promo codesLooking for special discounts or deals online is a benefit for both customers and businesses, and it can help save customers money and also bring in additional revenue for businesses (e.g. a customer buys something because it is on sale that they normally wouldn’t have).

There are several places online to either advertise or find good deals, depending on if you are the business or the customer.

Coupon Code Sites
Simply googling “business name coupon” or “business name promo code” can bring up several websites that host thousands of discount and coupon codes to various businesses. Many ask users to rate whether or not a code is reliable, so you know whether or not it is going to work. Additionally, some of the bigger sites, like RetailMeNot.com, have exclusive discount codes for their visitors that they negotiated with the business.

Cookie Tracking Discount Sites
Sites like ebates.com work directly with retailers and their referral programs. Ebates signs up to be a referral partner, and then gives customers a portion of the referrer payment amonut they receive for sending each customer to the businesses’ website. When shopping online, go to Ebates first and see if the business is listed. If it is, click on the link through Ebates to go to their site. Ebates opens a custom tracking cookie to track your purchases on that site. Once the purchase is confirmed, Ebates will email you confirming your percentage or amount that you will receive back. Besides getting money back, sites like Ebates also occasionally has exclusive discount and coupon codes as well.

Social Media
Facebook recently started making it easier for businesses to host exclusive offers on their Facebook pages. Users just have to click “Claim Offer” and an email with instructions will be sent to their default email address, without giving any information to the business offering the deal.

Besides this option (which isn’t available to every Facebook page yet), businesses can also post exclusive coupons on promo codes on their social media profiles like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to get users to better engage with their page and to promote their business.

What are some other ways to promote discounts for businesses or to find discounts online for customers? Let us know in the comments.


Some referral codes were used in this post. Graphic courtesy of stock.xchng.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones