Whenever I’m feeling low, I think about things and people that are having a worse day than me. Maybe that is the American in me, but sometimes I makes me feel better and more thankful for the life I have.

Enter depressed dogs in costumes, which is guaranteed to make you feel better about your own life. Would you rather have a bruised foot or have to wear a hot dog costume while people laugh at you? I think that question answers itself.


Seriously, this dog wishes someone would just put it out of its misery. You can tell by the splayed back legs it has been perfectly positioned, and his strategy is to stay perfectly still and just wait for it to be over.









I didn’t think beagles could look depressed, but Angry Birds will do that to an animal.









This pug is ready to end its life. It can’t even stand up. Look at the sorrow, the despair…









This chihuahua is ready to kill everyone in the room. You can tell by the hatred in its eyes. The photographer might have an “accident” and fall to his/her death after this photo shoot is over.








I think bulldogs always look depressed, but this one is just pitiful. Combine a stupid eye patch and one red eye, and this is one sad costume.









This is clearly a desperate plea for help. This beagle is trying to telepathically scream at you to rescue him.









This dog is just downright humiliated. By continuing to make eye contact with its owner off camera, it is hoping to ensure empathy and hopefully an early release to go back to doing dog stuff, like eating your own poop and digging up backyards.






I think pugs look depressed about 80% of the time, but this one is ready for life to be over. He can’t even look at the camera. Treats don’t dissuade him from his eternal dissent into costume hell.







Batman and raptor dog costume charlie and mac


These are my own depressed dogs in costume. As you can see, they too, are just waiting for it to be over.

All stock costume photos are from BuyCostumes.com

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones