I’m a big proponent of free or cheap sources of entertainment. Sometimes it is better than expensive events because since it was so cheap, people act a little more weird or giddy than they normally would. This works out for me and my friends because sometimes the people watching is better than the actual event itself. Take for instance, this pig race at Johnson Farms in the KC metro a few falls ago. A and I went and you can hear us laughing because it is just so ridiculous. The pigs raced around the goat pen and I never felt more like Dorothy Gale in my life.

H and I also greatly enjoy putting free dog shoes on our dogs and making him look ridiculous. Then we put it on YouTube.

Other great free or cheap sources of entertainment:

  1. Festivals or anything with fair or carnival in the title (let’s put it this way, any place that has funnel cake for sale is going to be a safe bet)
  2. Classes to learn something ridiculous, like fencing or pottery painting
  3. The internet. Hello Buzzfeed and Reddit. And KnowYourMeme. And #whatshouldwecallme. And my lover, Pinterest.
  4. Free park concerts. Man, that is people watching heaven. Luckily my town offers them every Friday night in the summer.
  5. Wine tastings. Older ladies on a girls’ trip, getting loose. Amazing.
  6. Casinos. Just be there for support. Watching people win and lose (and how they handle it is stupendous). Downside: smoking.
  7. Flea markets. Related to #1.
What are your sources of free or cheap entertainment?

When I’m not using Google+ to see what I’d look like with a mustache, I also enjoy using Brosix Instant Messenger, one of my clients.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones