By Misha Williams

computer triviaComputers are a vital part of our lives. Computers were invented to reduce the burden, especially when it came to computations and databases. However, the advocators of computers saw that there was more than meets the eye. Computers later gave birth to other devices like cell phones and laptops. As technology proliferates and progresses, so does its gadgetry. Along the way, computers have made a mark on history.

Computers are everywhere. But, do you know how they developed, aside from the fact that they drastically changed our lives? Here is some interesting information that may make you wonder how computers developed our modern era:

The old electronic computers developed in the 1940 were as big as large rooms and consumed ginormous amounts of electricity. Obviously, they were very different from their predecessors, modern computers. Computers nowadays are portable and light. Even though they are small, the capacity of modern computers should not be relative to their size. They make complex processes look fast and easy.

Computers don’t just compute. They are programmed to follow specific instructions. These are usually simple and require adding numbers together, moving information from one place to another, and other functions. That’s why computers are programmed with algorithms, which are patterned according to different types of computer languages. Programmers then use these languages to create programs to make the computer work.

A computer program can vary from one simple instruction to millions, depending on the program’s nature. Modern programs like word processors, web graphics and graphic editors need to have numerous large teams to work on a single program. No wonder Microsoft protects their patents so well. It’s one reason why people sell used laptops. They want to update their software to catch up with modern needs.

A computer’s memory has reduced in size since it was first made. Given that computers were very big before, then it probably also had big RAMs and CPUs. Basically, there are two types of memory: RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read-Only Memory). ROM can only be read by the CPU while the RAM can be accessed anytime in the computer. It’s ironic that the modern memory is smaller but processes faster while the old memories were very big but processed slowly.

You’ve heard of computer bugs, right? Well, the term “bug” comes from a story that began at Harvard, when employees could not understand why the Analytical Engine was not working. They looked at the program and saw nothing, no problems. They eventually scanned the entire machine and saw a “bug”: a moth, in between parts of the machine. They took out the bug and the machine started working again. It’s a good thing that you don’t encounter such a problem when you’re working on your laptop!

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