I had a pretty good pre-Halloween and actual Halloween. Last Saturday night we had our 2nd annual Jones’ Halloween Party, which I hope I don’t forget was kind of a bad idea because cleaning your house hungover is probably one of the worst #whitepeopleproblems a person can have.

But rewind, before the hangover, I was having fun:


Forcing Batdog to take photos with me;


and my Sister-In-Law too;


that one wasn’t really forced, as Beanie Babies will take any attention they can now that it is past 1999.

What there aren’t photos of:

On the actual October 31, I enjoyed a Mexican Fiesta and ate out with one of my friends/old coworkers and then entertained Trick or Treaters in the evening.

One proud moment was a teen girl telling me my door “was cool”. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the cool 20-something in our neighborhood who decorates their front door in a Halloween wreath and masking tape spiderwebs.

Another proud moment: one kid telling another kid he remembered that they already hit up our house because of the skull.

Yeah, I have a purple glittering skull that has lighted eyes. And yes, I put that puppy outside for trick or treaters as soon as the sun starting going down.

Like I said, coolest house on the block, right here. Holla.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones