What have I been up to? Well I found these, mostly because I’m obsessed with the 9GAG app on my phone:

Drunk Rainbow

animal logic laughing stranger

boss word art

Yeah, I know this post isn’t off to a very scholarly start. But if you came here for discussions of Shakespeare, you can peace out now because he is kind of overrated. Am I saying that because I had a Shakespeare lit class at 8 am three days a week in college by a professor that loved him a little too much? Maybe. Also, do you know how hard is it to read Shakespeare in character out loud at 8 am? I sucked so bad the teacher made me watch the 1965 production of  Othello because I “wasn’t grasping the concepts.”  I can grasp concepts, lady. Then I watched it anyway and enjoyed Laurence Olivier immensely.

But you can be sure I didn’t tell Professor Shakespeare that.

FitFluential Is Fitness FoundWow this post got off track quickly, again. What else have I been up to? Well, I’m a FitFluential Ambassador now! This means I will be working with well-known brands like Reebok on their marketing and market research campaigns with FitFluential. I guess my constant Instagramming photos of myself has finally paid off.

But seriously, I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with FitFluential and getting to know my fellow ambassadors. Fitness has been such a big part of my life in the past 2 years and I feel like I am more in shape now than ever. I’m so glad that being passionate about health and wellness will help me help brands better shape their products and services for the customers that use them most!

Speaking of wellness, I am working with my company, The Social Robot, and Feeding America to donate up to $300 this year. For every comment on TSR from now until the end of November, we will donate $1. If you want to give more, we are also hosting a virtual food drive on the Feeding America website. So please, take a couple minutes and even just leave a comment on the above linked post to help us give money to fight hunger in America.

And finally, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I am in charge of bringing dessert and I may have three planned, even though there are only going to be five of us.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones