When I went to New York in October for SMX East, my biz partner Bethaney and I went to Peanut Butter & Co for lunch one day. Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods of all time and I had seen a special about them on the Travel Channel. We had found a coupon (of course) in a NYC tourism brochure for a free jar of peanut butter with an entrée. So after ordering my delicious meal of a bagel with PB and vanilla cream cheese (nirvana is vanilla cream cheese), Bethaney and I excitedly chose our free jar of PB. I chose Dark Chocolate Dreams because the combo of dark chocolate + PB is the nectar of the gods.

But then disaster struck. Once our time in NYC came to a close, we packed up and headed to the airport. After a 90 minute delay because the concourse was flooding (it was White Plains, don’t ask), we finally got to go through security. As we are rushing through to make our flight (the TSA agent at the gate was calling our names, Bueller style), another grinch TSA agent confiscated our PB. It was a travesty and I didn’t have time  to grieve until we were safely on our plane, after running to the entrance, bags flailing behind us.

Fast forward to me, back in Kansas and getting back into the grind of things. I started writing Yelp reviews on all the places we went to in NYC, like a good little yelper that I am. So of course I wrote one on Peanut Butter & Co.

And here’s where the story gets good. Lindsay N., customer service at PB & Co, sent me a message, thanking me for my review. We got to talking and I mentioned my despair when TSA took our PB.

So guess what? Lindsay sent Bethaney and I some to replace it!

photo (18)

Now that Dark Chocolate Dreams and I are reunited, I can go back to doing awesome things with PB. Like putting it in my oatmeal:

photo (15)

I will keep this photo small because it looks gross. I don’t like a lot of water with my oatmeal. But Dark Chocolate Dreams really kicked this bowl up a notch.

So THANK YOU Lindsay and Peanut Butter & Co., for again making my peanut butter dreams come true.




PS Lindsay didn’t ask me to write this blog post, I just love writing about great customer service. And also peanut butter.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones