I went to The Bloggess’ (aka Jenny Lawson) book signing Thursday on the Plaza. She read a chapter from her book (hint: the one that involves colon cleanses and rapists) and then did a Q&A. I always try to think of a good question to ask, something clever that is memorable, but I’m always too nervous or too cliche. I get a little cliche when I’m nervous (doesn’t everyone?). For instance, when I got up to meet her, I asked her if her hand hurt from signing all the books. She probably gets asked that all the time. Sigh. Better than nothing at all I guess? Because making a cliched comment is better than just thrusting a book in her hand and forcing her to take a photo with me, right?

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She should have written, “Dear Kelsey, get a handle on that shiny forehead. Love Jenny” PS I already did a variation of this joke on FB. I don’t even care.

Anyway, I love going to book signings because I feel like I’m surrounded by my people. People who’ve read the books I love and are in on all the author’s jokes. It’s like an instant cool club. I’ve seen David Sedaris too (he drew me a turtle in my book since I said I hate cats [so does he…we bonded]).

Another thing I love about book readings/signings is the elevation of the conversation. The cashier told a customer what a blustery night it was (when cold would have done just fine) and you get to possibly buy the author’s other books or check out the merchandise. For instance, David Sedaris also had other satire books, like The Onion’s book about Earth and it was a hoot and a half (I doubt anyone who really reads The Onion says “hoot and a half”, but roll with me here).

Since I’m still working on putting off the final edits for my book, going to see Jenny Lawson tonight made me imagine what my book signing would be like. Jenny said she was on anti-anxiety medication, which I definitely would have to be since I hate meeting new people and public speaking. If there was the opportunity to peddle other people’s books, I would definitely push some Lev Grossman on people, and definitely Tina Fey. And now I’m thinking of a million other books I would try to push people to read. Maybe this is why they don’t let everyone choose more books to sell.

It sounds cheesy, but one of the reasons I was excited to graduate college was that I’d have more time to read. I have always loved it and I know that I always will. I know I have said it before, but reading is kickass*!

*Bonus: reading teaches you things like how to use blustery in a sentence.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones