iphone2Are you using the best apps to boost your social media efforts for the purpose of increasing marketing for your business? Listed below are 5 mobile apps that can be used on your smartphone or tablet while you are going about your busy day, and they can go a long way in helping you to connect with others and benefit your social media marketing.

1. Google+
Here is an app that includes a number of helpful features. The interface is appealing, and with the Google Hangouts feature, you will have the ability to chat with a number of friends at the same time. This is a great way to make use of your valuable time by connecting with others. The menu button allows you to see everything in your menu at once.

2. Postling

You might be interested in a free app that will allow you to manage more than one top social media site from one location on your mobile device. It is a smart way to save time. You can check up on social media news, create posts to go on all of your social media sites at the same time, and keep ahead by scheduling posts to be sent at a later time. Unfortunately, this app has not yet been developed for Android devices, but this problem will soon be resolved as an Android version is in the works.

3. Flipboard

An app that will allow you to create your own social magazine, Flipboard gives you the ability to easily customize with current events, news stories, and whatever else you might like to feature. The interface is set up to show full screen images, and you can easily flip from one story to another, hence the name Flipboard.

4. Vine

If you enjoy posting videos to be shared with others, this free app will be of great benefit to you. Vine will compress your videos so that they will load quickly and can be viewed easily. At the current time, the app does not connect with social media sites other than Twitter and Facebook, but additional networks may soon be added.

5. Currents

This app is similar to Flipboard, but you will not be able to connect with your social media sites. Instead, you can share the link with others. If you are looking for an app that will allow you to customize news stories from sites that you are interested in viewing, Currents will work well. You can follow whatever news stories are of value to you, and you will also have the ability to keep up with your favorite blogs and publications.

By using any of the apps listed above, you can give your social media efforts a boost and help increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Simon Phillips writes for Touch Logic LTD a UK based mobile marketing business.

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Kelsey Jones

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