under armour whatsbeautifulI recently got asked to participate in one of the coolest women’s fitness challenges I know of. UnderArmour has its What’s Beautiful challenge and online community to ask women to define their version of what is beautiful in their lives, from a fitness and health perspective. As part of FitFluential, I could create a profile (anyone can) and publicly state my goals that I’d like to accomplish in the coming months.

In my profile on the What’s Beautiful community, I set 2 goals:

  1. Beat my 10k PR
  2. Finish Insanity

Well I finished #2 but #1 will require some more work and training. As far as the community goes, I have been loving looking through everyone’s profiles and individual goals, as well as reminding myself of all the site challenges I can complete. I have joined several teams that have a variety of different goals, everything from focusing on stronger abs to clean eating to honor your body. It has been so inspiring to not only see the featured users but also everyone else that is working together toward redefining what is beautiful when it comes to women athletes.

I strongly believe that anyone who exercises regularly and has a passion for fitness (any kind of fitness) should be called an athlete and I’m so glad that UnderArmour feels the same! I love their products and their company story and I’m excited to see how many more challenges I can complete because I’m part of a such a supportive community. I also created a Pinterest board with images I thought reinforced the #WhatsBeautiful message and have been following others who do the same.

To help me on my fitness journey, UnderArmour was generous enough to supply me with the right gear to get started. I got a lime green Charged tank top (above) as well as:

I really appreciate UnderArmour and FitFluential for letting me help be part of this movement!

Here’s some of the cool images shared by UnderArmour as part of the #WhatsBeautiful campaign. Feel free to share and pin!:

This post is part of a campaign I’m participating in with Fitfluential and UnderArmour. All opinions are my own. 

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones