too much air conditioningI get it. When it gets hot, you turn on the air conditioning. But I don’t really think it is helpful or efficient to have the AC blasting so high that I am in a constant state of goosebumps. I need a jacket stashed in my car more in the summer than I do in the winter, just to battle the freezing indoor temperatures.

Besides Target and the library, restaurants and movie theaters are awful too. I will actually go out to my car and get my jacket if I forget it. Do you want to keep me miserable so I don’t camp out at the table?

There is something inherently wrong with almost being able to see your breath in the middle of July. No, I don’t want to shop at Target in 90 degree heat, but I also don’t want to be shivering either.

summer cartoon

Unrelated, yet amazing creepy photo I found on Photopin

It just brings about a list of more potentially awkward and embarrassing situations for me:

  • Meeting someone and they have to experience shaking hands with an ice cube 
  • Trying to shiver coyly at the dinner table without making a scene
  • Trying to convince strangers to let me borrow their jacket during Iron Man 3
  • Ending dinners early because if I don’t stand outside in the next 5 minutes I might scream
  • Pretending I have to smoke just so I can let the humidity blanket me for a few moments

And if it isn’t bad enough in public, my husband is also a big proponent of the almighty AC. Whether it is in the car, our bedroom (where we have a freestanding separate AC unit), or the rest of the house, he totally thinks AC is worth the cost.

I don’t love being hot either, but can we find a middle ground between the Arctic and Hell itself?

photo credit: theloushe via photopin cc

creepy photo credit: boni_face via photopin cc

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones