For most consumers, people use Pinterest for when they have down time, whether it be during their lunch break, relaxing after work while watching TV, or commuting to and from work each day on the metro. It is this statement of common sense that should help marketers realize that they need pin and repin content to their business’ Pinterest boards, since the Popular and All feeds work like Twitter, and show the most recent pins first.

Pinning at the most popular times of day can not only get you more interaction with what you pin (such as repins, comments, and likes), but it can also garner you more followers in a viral fashion, with the only major adjustments to your strategy being the time you pin new images and repin existing ones, as well as the amount of pins you are collecting.

For example, on my Pinterest account, I made a concerted effort to only pin during popular “downtown” for most users. This worked well because I am in the central timezone. I pinned in the AM, during lunch, and my heaviest pinning time was in the evening. Due to this, in the past 30 days, my site metrics have increased significantly (click to enlarge):

When is the best time of day to pin and repin on Pinterest?


In addition, traffic to my website has also increased (click to enlarge):

Does time of day make a difference in pinterest?

The above metric is a bit skewed since this is a fairly new domain (August) and it was verified on Pinterest shortly thereafter.

So the bottom line is, YES, time of day does make a difference for Pinterest referral traffic and repins.

Increasing Followers

Following my semi-experiment, I also noticed that my Pinterest followers have increased. In January, I had 666 followers:

and now I have 1438. Not amazing for almost a year, but the last 400 have come in the past month alone. This is a 40% increase in followers in 30 days. While I can’t promise the same results, it does prove that regular pinning and Pinterest activity during popular times of day can increase website traffic, Pinterest engagement, and overall followers

How Do I Schedule Pinterest Pins?

If your employees are unavailable to pin in the evenings and other popular “downtime” segments of the day, it may be worth looking into a Pinterest scheduler. The top two I could find (these are not affiliate links) are, which is mentioned in this post, and ViralTag. Other possible options that commenters mentioned in the linked post are Piqora and Ahalogy. Besides a free trial, all these services require monthly subscription fees.

Pinterest logo via Pinterest Press Page.
Profile Pinterest Metric Screenshots taken 12/4/2013

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Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones