The amount of data missing from marketing databases can lead to missed calls and lost sales. According to the 2015 State of Marketing Data report from NetProspex and dun & bradstreet, on average, just over 40 percent of all B2B marketing contact records were missing a phone number, and about two thirds had “questionable” email records on their prospects and contacts.

Up to 84% of B2B Marketing Databases Missing Critical Info, New Study Finds

The Reality of Missing Contact Information

The report stresses that missing information is so crucial to address because it can lead to incorrectly optimized campaigns, less-personalized targeting, and a lower rate of engagement and ROI for marketing efforts.

Some of the other important missing information the report said many businesses in the study were missing included:Up to 84% of B2B Marketing Databases Missing Critical Info, New Study Finds

  • Revenue
  • Employe and title information: crucial for getting connected to the right person
  • Website URL
  • Industry information: crucial for proper segmentation and targeting
  • Phone number: for followup and contact

Why is Accurate Contact Information so Important?

The report mentions that 67 percent of B2B consumers begin their buying and purchasing journey online. In addition, The Economist is cited in study for their findings that the majority of most purchases in the B2B industry will begin (and usually end) online. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to have accurate contact data for the most accurate online marketing campaigns.

Besides the information on missing data and online marketing projections, this annual report had some interesting data on B2B companies’ marketing databases, especially their organization habits, the employee demographics associated with collecting and implementing the data, and what is missing from most databases. Over 223 million records were analyzed to compile this report.

To download the report, visit the landing page.

This report was originally found via MarketingProfs. Images taken as screenshots from the PDF report.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones