When smaller company Super-Pharm wanted to compete with giants like Gillette when it comes to their line of M6 razors, they teamed up with Israeli agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi to produce an advertising piece that gets notice.

What do you do when you have a small budget that is pennies compared to the million-dollar budgets of the big companies? Go for the human element.

In this ad, Amit is a father, son, and husband who has had his same beard for about fourteen years. He teams up with M6 to shave it all off. It will be the first time his children AND wife have EVER seen him without a beard.

Side note: Can you imagine never seeing the man you marry with a clean-shaven face the entire time you’ve known him?!

The piece does an amazing job of both showcasing Amit’s feelings about his beard (which was in great shape before he shaved, showing that he took care of it) and then the reactions of his family after he shaves it off.

The mentions of the M6 razor are there, but without overshadowing the focus on the razor. It’s beautifully done.

When it comes to your own client’s campaigns (or your own company), what is the human element you can utilize in your campaigns to make an impact without requiring a six or seven-figure budget?


H/T to AdWeek

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones