Content marketing is an important method for growing any website or business. That’s a fact.

So what happens when you find yourself scrounging for your next blog post topic idea?

Not to fret! Writers’ block happens to everyone at some point or another. It’s how we work through it that defines who we are as writers and marketing professionals.

So if you need a bit of inspiration for getting through this dry spell, check out our 4 tips for finding killer content ideas below.

1. Have a Brain Dump Session

Do you find yourself stopping frequently to write down new topic ideas as they pop into your head? Do you have sticky notes everywhere with random ideas scribbled on them, but no execution?

A brain dump session once per week, or even just once per month, is a great way to get all of your ideas onto paper.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove all distractions. Turn off your ringer, hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your office door, and disconnect from the outside world.
  2. Get pen and paper, or open a new Word document. A blank page will help to open you up to the possibilities.
  3. Set a timer. Fifteen to twenty minutes is really all you need.
  4. Write whatever comes to mind. There are no “good” or “bad” ideas. Just write everything as it comes.

These brain-dumping sessions will benefit more than just your blog. Think about these free-floating ideas as brain clutter. When you regularly set time aside to let it flow, you reduce clutter so you can use your processing powers for other needs.

2. Look at Google Search Suggestions

If you want to know what topics your audience is looking for, go to the source. That is, Google.

If you’re absolutely stumped for topic ideas, or you’re just looking for a new angle, take a peak at Google search suggestions. Type in the name of your main topic (e.g. content marketing) and see what the Google dropdown suggests.

It doesn’t have to end there, though.

Do you see a topic idea you find interesting? Follow it through!

Select the suggestion that pops out at you, and then scroll down until you see “People also ask:”

This, and even the “Related searches” modules at the bottom of all search engine pages, are a goldmine for topic ideas.

3. Look for Audience Feedback

If you have active engagement on your blog or social media posts, congratulations! You have a free source for finding killer content ideas.

And best of all? It’s totally unique to your blog’s specific audience.

Scroll through the blog comments and social media mentions on your latest posts. Are you noticing any patterns? Perhaps readers are asking for specifics on a certain topic you broached, or maybe there’s a section that’s really resonating with them.

Write down a list of these patterns and the associated blog post topic. Then begin to piece these together to come up with truly unique content ideas for your next blog post.

4. Search Out Forum Posts on the Topic

You can look outside of your known audience by considering the needs of people who fall within your target demographic. How can you do this? By perusing popular forum topics in your industry.

It’s as simple as searching “[key term] + forum” on Google. You can even switch it up with different keywords.

What are the questions that your target audience are frequently asking? Read through the answers, and then find a way to answer their question even better in a blog post of your own.

You can also peruse more general topic forums, like Quora, which have boards that cover just about any topic you can imagine.

Do you have a favorite tip that we didn’t include above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!