OK so first off, I shouldn’t be trusted around peanuts, especially the kind that are in-shell, roasted, and salted. I polished off about 2.5 cups (over 900 calories) before waking up from my salt-induced stupor to realize what I was doing and to slowly back away from the peanut dust. So I’m not hungry for lunch, or really anything that involves legumes. Yuck. Normally I have an obsessive view of food– I will eat something every day for 2 weeks straight and then I will be so sick of it I can never eat it again. However, peanuts have been in my life for about 2 months now. Does this mean we are soulmates? Or am I just turning into a Mr. Peanut/Squirrel hybrid? Do I smell like peanuts to the other people in line at Quiznos?

Anyway, my peanut binge means I am stuffed– no lunch for me. So instead I will spend lunch talking about myself some more. I spent yesterday’s lunch break going to Hobby Lobby to get fabric for curtains for the living room and kitchen window. I found these:


Yes, I take pictures of fabric at stoplights.

The toile will be on the kitchen window as a valance and the red will be on the west-facing window. To avoid getting judged by the Hobby Lobby fabric lady, don’t pick out duck fabric for curtains. That is for upholstery. I felt her eyes of judgement as she sweetly said, “Well you can use duck fabric…but it won’t lay well.” Anyway I ended up getting cotton and me and the fabric lady were both happy because we didn’t violate any laws of the fabric universe by using duck fabric for curtains. Also you can never have enough toile in your life. Just sayin’.



  • Clif Mojo Bar
  • 4.5 Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 in am, 2.5 in evening)
  • Grilled Chicken Pita with shredded cheese and buffalo sauce
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Rice and Grilled Chicken Stir-Fry in a Low-Carb Tortilla Wrap
  • Something else low-cal I can’t remember, but it was under 50 cals. How’s that for binge eating?

Should I start an exercise log too?? Mostly it would just be me bragging about exercising, mostly because I used to be lazy and hate exercising. Now I am one of “those people” who “feels weird” if they don’t exercise for over 2 days. Annoying I know. Anyway, yesterday I did treadmill intervals and some strength training at the gym for a total of about 50 minutes.


Mr. Peanut graphic courtesy of: http://meandyouandellie.blogspot.com/2009/03/mr-peanut.html


Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones