By Kelsey Jones

volumeIf you know where to look, there are several opportunities that allow businesses to combine their online and offline marketing campaigns. Any piece of business material can be used as an additional marketing opportunity. Below are some of the common places to increase business awareness in materials that are used every day.

Address Labels

Custom mailing labels are a great place to put a company logo and other contact information, such as the company website URL. More information may be able to be added; it just depends on the size of the label. For custom labels such as fold under labels that include the packing list, the company twitter handle or Facebook page URL could be placed on the packing list, which is attached to the back of the mailing address label.


Place banners in storefront windows or in the office entrance that advertise a company’s new products, their URL or social media profiles, and any other seasonal campaigns that are going on. The more exposure that a current or potential gets to a business and its products, the better.

Email Signatures

While this is technically an online opportunity, it is on that many people don’t think of. Put your company URL and main social media profile links at the bottom of your email signature. Because your email signature is seen by current customers, potential customers, and acquaintances, there are several opportunities each day for an email recipient to view and connect with these company websites and profiles. Additionally, if each employee has the same ‘enhanced’ signature, the impression count can only increase.

These are just some of the places where additional marketing to showcase your company’s website or social media profiles can be highlighted. As with almost any type of advertising or marketing, the more exposure, the better!

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones