By Kelsey Jones 

Rate sheets are a common necessity for many marketing agencies, service providers, and even retail stores. These PDF or one sheet documents list common services and their respective prices. Rate sheets are a good idea because they give perspective clients or customers an idea of what a business charges.

For industries where pricing can get competitive, it may be beneficial for a company not to list their prices on their website, in case their competitors may try to undercut them. This is especially true in instances where prices may vary by each client and their own needs, such as a web design agency or a construction firm. For these instances, it may be best to do customized proposals for each potential client.

Even though proposals may be best, it is important to have at least a baseline price rate sheet to work off of. This is especially important for acquaintances who ask specifically for a rate sheet or a “starting point” but don’t necessarily want a customized proposal right away.

As to whether or not some businesses may find it beneficial to post their rate sheet on their website, it is up to the market. If most other competitors list their rates, then it most likely won’t hurt a business to post theirs. This is usually the case for retail or local service-based businesses, such as dog boarding services or hair salons.

However, before deciding to list prices or not, do a lot of research and learn what is best for a certain business in particular. Below are some examples of rate sheets (found during a Google search):

Sydney’s Pet Spa Rate Sheet as a PDF

Limo Service Rate Sheet:


Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones