I tore up some shit in my garden for about five hours yesterday. MyFitnessPal claims I burned over 1200 calories; I took that as a sign to eat buttered popcorn during 21 Jump Street last night after I was done.

Anyway, here is what the garden looked like before:


the green bushes in the back and side were literally growing into the house. Under the paint. Weird. Then we have some random daffodils that did didn’t even know I had near the front.

And here is the after (but the before of adding mulch and praying for those bushes to grow back:


I had H help me take out 2 bushes, and then I added lilacs and hacynithowever you spell them. I realize this looks questionable, but let’s pretend the 2 bushes in the middle and the chrystamican’tspellthiseither have all grown in.

I also added some tulips around one of the trees that used to have some sort of flowers growing around it:


It was windy, let’s pretend they stand up straight.

I realize that is a lot of pretending for one gardening blog post that was supposed to show results…so maybe next so-called garden post I’ll get some mulch and we can pretend the garden went from “what the hell is she doing” to “Kelsey is a Gardening Goddess”.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones