Besides becoming an internet celebrity, my life has been pretty busy lately. First, I turned 26 on last Monday. I quipped on Facebook that I’m glad I’m closer to 30 than 20, because I was a real idiot when I was 20. It’s true; I was. But, I also met the future hubs when I was a wiley 20 year old, so maybe it all evens out.

Besides celebrating my birthday on the Saturday prior with Oklahoma Joe’s and some local bar action, I also got free tickets to a T-Bones game, thanks to my powers of being awesome at the internet. We even got seats behind home plate!

t-bones kansas city

But, the ticket’s face value were only $8, so don’t be too impressed.

Also, on my birthday, I found out about this remix of Putbull’s Fuego in Zumba (yes, I worked out on my birthday). So, it was a pretty good birthday, if you ask me.

Moving on. Apparently Harry hadn’t gotten the memo that I like being lazy on the weekends, so this past weekend he made me go with him to Lowe’s at 9pm Saturday night to get new handles for the kitchen cabinets. We are living in a home built in the 90s, which means a lot of gold and oak. I am grateful for our house, but silver-colored (or specifically, brushed nickel) is how we rep it in O-Town.

So here is the barfy before:

kitchen gold handles before

and the much-better after:

kitchen cabinet handles silver after

Yes, those are two different cabinets. But you get the idea. It was about 1am by this point, I’m surprised I even remembered how to take a photo.

Finally, this post comes full circle with a birthday surprise for me, a forgotten gem of a movie I remembered (thanks to NiceGirlNotes and her readers) and checked out at the library yesterday:

photo (4)

Smart House was a bomb ass movie, yo. Can’t wait to snuggle up with my [insert 90s memorabilia I still wish I had here] and watch it.


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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones