social media metricsSocial media metrics, much like Google analytics for websites, help you see if your efforts and what you’re doing online will translate into a positive ROI or great customer engagement.

Luckily for us, there’re a lot of great social media metric sites that offer free or affordable data plans when it comes to analyzing your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. For larger companies, it may be worthwhile to go with a paid service especially if you’re doing with a large amount of data that deserves to be analyzed deeper than some of the free services offer (That of course depends on how strict your company leaders are on seeing data and the overall marketing budget).

Below are some of the free and paid services you can use to get social media metrics from your company’s profiles.


There really are many external social media metrics sites for Facebook, as they do offer a free Facebook insights section for pages which gives a lot of data, including demographics and user interaction. This data can be exported as an Excel file or viewed in a variety of different charts.

To view it, be sure you that you’re showing the admin panel when you’re on the page as your logged into the account that has admin access. There you will see a graph with insights data. Click on the header that will take you to the main insights page that offers a variety of options.


There have been rumors swirling around for years that Twitter will start offering free metrics to all its users. But so far all we’ve seen is the offering of metrics to advertisers that are on the microblogging platform. If you are a regular Twitter user that isn’t interested in the advertising metrics, there are a few great sites that may be of use: allows you to search for a variety of tweets, including further back than 10 days, within only your friends’ tweets, within your direct messages, and within any user’s favorites. You can also search within someone else’s profile that you don’t have login access to.

SproutSocial, and are two paid social media metric sites that offer Twitter data as well as other social media accounts. Both are fairly reputable within the Internet marketing community.

Pinterest allows you to Track Repins, Likes, Clicks and Reach for every pin, as well as knowing your company profile’s top performing boards and campaigns.

Pinfluencer also offers this service, but as a paid platform.

In addition to using external websites to track your Pinterest and other social media metrics, it is also worthwhile to utilize the data reports in Google analytics, especially the referral reports, to track the pins and links that come from your social media profiles.


Instagram can be a great way for companies to showcase products, customers, their company, and its employees.

Statigram is a great metric dashboard. After signing in with your Instagram account, you can view customize reports, such as your most like photos the ratio of how many people like her comment on your photos, as well as customize widgets which allow you to show your most recent industry and photos on your website or blog. This is a free service and the most popular Instagram metrics service.


Additionally, using a site like SocialMention to see what people are saying about your brand online is a good way to get an overall feel as to how much exposure your company and its products is getting from online users.

If your company is using social media as an Internet marketing strategy on a regular basis, it is important to track its results, see can know what you need to do better, as well as what you are doing well. Utilizing the free services that are online to track the status is worth the resources it takes, especially because there are no costs besides employee time that it uses.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones