changing business nameWhen I got the email that Pinfluencer was changing its name to Piqora, I wanted to puke. Why would they do that? Sure, they are expanding their services to include other networks, but the site name Pinfluencer was becoming a household name and well-known when it came to Pinterest analytics.

After the Qwikster/Netflix debacle, changing your name doesn’t only affect your physical business presence (if you have one), but it also deeply affects your online one as well. Sure, you can get a new domain name with the spanking new business name (granted, if it’s even available) and do a 301 redirect, but there are so many other places online where your business name may already be that can’t be automatically changed.

For Example:

  • A user is searching for the business on Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t automatically redirect old business names to new pages.
  • Fans of the brand posted a blog post about it, using the old name, thus cancelling out any name or brand recognition.
  • For e-commerce sites, URLs and product descriptions (which may be in the thousands) will need to be double-checked
  • Profile names and titles need to be changed on all social media sites, which may be harder than it seems
  • Employees with the company in the LinkedIn profile may need to update it on their own

Depending on how long your brand and company name has been around, chances of experiencing the scenarios like the above will only multiply. Obviously, changing your business name takes more than just getting a new website and sending out a press release.

There could be some good reasons for changing your business name, it must be a necessity, not just for fancy or because something sounds better. While the jury is still out how Pinfluencer will fare with the name change, Netflix seems to have listened to reason and dropped its attempts at utilizing “Qwikster” as the name for its streaming service.

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones