I have been slowly doing a deep clean*at my house, since when we moved in, we just stuffed things in drawers and closets so we could forget what packrats we are. I started with the kitchen cabinets (I threw away over 60% of what was in our 3 (THREE!) junk drawers). Then, I moved to the master bathroom (talk about packrat, I had squirreled away about 5 bottles of lotion and many bottles of shampoo/conditioner) and closet. This past weekend, I took it as a sign that I have been avoiding my office like the plague and knew that I had to do something about it. So I cleaned out that closet.

I moved my purses from this annoying door hanger system than rams purses in your face every time you open the door to a more inventive one. I got cheap shower curtain rings from Target (about $1.57 for 12) and hung the purses from them on the closet rod. I have been mentally patting myself on the back for a few days for that one. I’m like a walking Pinterest, peeps!

The next step is the piles and pile of luggage that takes up our guest bedroom closet. I have a feeling it may end up as me, sitting in my wedding gown (that is being kept in there), pinning photos of places I can take said luggage to. But that’s probably a whole other blog post.

During my big purse purge, I transferred to a Vera Bradley tote and switched wallets. Before the move, I thought it’d be interested in lay out everything I keep in my purse at all times to see how it compares to the glamorous US Weekly feature of the same name. Minus the designer lipstick and books, I’d say my purse  looks like a rainbow threw up in a Vera Bradley store and then needed steroid cream and hand sanitizer afterward.

what's in my purse? kelsey jones synonym for awesome

  1. Vera Bradley wallet and checkbook
  2. Word combo lock for the gym
  3. Extra keychain: I’m a hoarder of loyalty cards. I also have a frog to remind me to “Eat That Frog” every day and the flower charm is from a 5k I did with my mom for Mother’s Day. The Coach lock was a gift from my husband’s aunt and uncle.
  4. Car keys- for my Chevy I got last year as an early birthday present to myself. Thanks Me!
  5. Tylenol, for when people keep me from enjoying a diet soda
  6. Softlips, because it can make my dragon lips soft (a consequence of drinking too much soda instead of water, according to H)
  7. Apparently Softlips isn’t enough and I have to use Carmex too (which I’ve been using since I was little, thanks to my dad always having some)
  8. A vintage silver pillbox for my wedding rings when I’m at the gym. It was a gift from my Aunt.
  9. Business cards from Moo, because you never know when I’ll meet someone! (If that doesn’t make me sound like a desperate “single in your area”, I don’t know what does)
  10. A tampon, because, well, kids are terrifying right now.
  11. GAP sunglasses case
  12. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer
  13. Steroid cream sample for my eczema that my derm gave me. Maybe she was feeling bad since the RX was $400! (Luckily insurance saved the day on that one)
  14. iPod nano for the gym– it has my name on the back! Another gift from my husband’s generous aunt and uncle.
  15. An emergency kit from Pinch Provisions with mini hairspray, breath spray, and so much more, from my PopSugar Must-Have box. I love it!
  16. GoSwype cleaning cloth, another find from PopSugar MustHave
  17. Gum, because I get stank breath. Especially after eating an entire bag of Kettle Cooked BBQ chips. whoops.
  18. iPod headphones, because I spend time exercising to burn off entire bags of Kettle Cooked BBQ chips. Worth it.



rosey the robot jetsons*For me, a “deep clean” is organizing/moving things. And if the house is lucky, wiping things down with a damp rag. Rosey the Robot, I am not.


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Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
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