Digital marketingDigital marketing remains the new frontier for businesses around the globe, and entrepreneurs both new and old are constantly seeking the perfect way to reach online audiences. With current global Internet usage figures at almost 2.5 billion, the possible upsides to Internet marketing seem almost endless.

Many trends shift, some remain the same, but the end goal remains. You need to inform potential buyers of your product or service, and you need to find the most effective and impactful way to do this. Get the word out there and encourage conversions. Those in the know continue to try different avenues to reach this goal, and it pays to stay on the edge of these developments. GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons suggests that you should always be moving forward. Stand still in the world of digital marketing, and you are bound to start sinking.

Trends entrepreneurs need to take advantage of

1. Mobile Marketing

Any entrepreneur that is avoiding mobile marketing is missing out on a gold mine. Mobile users are increasing at a rapid rate, and you must cater to them if you hope to be successful. eMarketer claims that mobile-friendly sites are much more likely to encourage buyers, while unfriendly sites are just as likely to send them looking elsewhere.

This makes sense. No one wants to wade through a frustrating site when they can easily find a site designed for mobile.

2. Increased Channels – But Quality Throughout

Digital marketers are trying to cover as many marketing channels as they can while remaining within budget. However, keep in mind that quality is better than quantity. If you can only cover social media, email and a website — and do it well — then you should probably limit yourself to those. Only increase your scope within your budget.

3. Remember The King – Content

Content still remains the primary component of web marketing. You must create content that people way to stand out with search engines like Google. Junk and irrelevant information becomes less and less likely to get you seen on Google with each change the company makes to its search algorithm.

Focus on creating things that people will want to read, watch or listen to, and you will always have an advantage in digital marketing.

4. Google Author Rank

More professionals are taking advantage of the integral tool that is Google+ and Google Authorship. SEO and page ranking are crucial for digital marketing, and your Google Author rank plays a big role. The quality and reputation of your content are taken into account with rankings and it can make or break you. If you’re a trustworthy author, you will rank higher and receive more traffic. Take the time to establish yourself and create quality content. offers an easy-to-follow guide on how to apply and set up your Google Authorship and how to link it to all of your content.

Pay attention

As an entrepreneur, you cannot allow yourself to be left behind in the digital age. The future of your business depends on your ability to market digitally. Learn to do it well, and enjoy the fruits of your knowledge.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Founder/Chief Marketing Consultant at Six Stories
Kelsey Jones helps clients around the world grow their social media, content, and search marketing presence. She enjoys writing and consuming all kinds of content, both in digital and tattered paperback form.
Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones