Just because you’re a small company, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a big impact with your content. With a little bit of expertise and elbow grease, it’s possible to produce amazing content that is going to grow your audience and your brand. Here’s some ways companies are doing it.

Capitalize on Being a Local Expert

If your brand is only going to be targeting a specific geographical area, focus your marketing strategy on catering to your local area. Writing great content about your area can give you a leg up from the larger brands that don’t have the time or creativity to write about specific nuances of your area.

For example, I used to be a subcontractor for a marketing consultant who was helping an exterminator in the DC/Virginia area with their SEO and online presence. They had an interesting tactic that has stuck with me to this day. They made the most of their local expertise and created a series of videos about area-specific pests their target audience may be dealing with. As a result, some of the videos got thousands of views:

How Small Brands Are Making a Big Impact With Content

These popular videos were prime opportunities for linking to more info on their website, as well as giving their contact information, which is what MoxieDot worked on:

How Small Brands Are Making a Big Impact With Content

Innovative Pest could also write blog posts about these videos, or transcribe the videos (using a service like Rev.com) and turn those into separate pieces of written content as well.

Another great point about Innovative Pest is the fact that they utilized a different platform besides blogging to show their expertise and grow their audience. If writing lots of content sounds exhausting or intimidating (especially if don’t have the resources to do it internally), consider creating videos, recording a podcast, or even doing SlideShare presentations or digestible visuals to share on social media.

Be an Industry Resource

I first heard about Buffer, the social media scheduling tool, when it was recommended to me by a colleague. After being blown away by how well the tool worked, I wanted to learn even more and I got sucked into their blog. It was insightful, well-written, in-depth, and easy to understand. They weren’t trying to sell me on anything and it covered so many interesting topics. They’ve since grown their blog into four separate ones, including one about their commitment to transparency.

How Small Brands Are Making a Big Impact With Content

As a result of that great content that had takeaways, tons of resources, tutorials, and more, Buffer has become a “household” name in the marketing industry.  Now that Buffer has grown to be a multi-million dollar company, I strongly believe that it was their content strategy was a big part of their success. It set them up as an industry resource for social media and marketing and has driven hundreds (if not thousands) of conversions.

Leverage Social Media

Thanks to social media, small brands can play in the same leagues as the big ones. While most don’t have the marketing budgets of companies like Coke or Ford, that doesn’t mean you can’t get viral results from really good targeting for paid Facebook or Twitter campaigns.

Larry Kim is well-known for his presentations on how he uses a $50 budget to get his content in front of the people that will make the biggest impact. By targeting specific groups of people or going for certain areas, you can spend less, but usually have a higher engagement rate.

Whether you want to create videos or write extensive industry guides, content marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of the customers you are looking for. Consider capitalizing on your brand’s strength and shape your content around what you want your customers to love about you. As you create great content, you will begin to organically drive conversation and more engagement.


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Screenshots taken May 2016. Featured image via Pixabay.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones