Hocus Pocus is arguably one of the best Halloween movies of all time. I just ordered another copy on Amazon because I can’t find where my old one went. In honor of being able to enjoy this film again this fall, I thought it would be fun to draw some comparisons from the storyline in the movie to marketing. Let me know if there’s anything I missed and tell me your favorite Halloween movie in the comments.

Stick With Your Friends Through Word of Mouth and Referrals

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are witches from the 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. Throughout out their adventures in the present day, they stick together and help each other through several different situations. Having a close-knit community is key in marketing because loyal customers and colleagues can provide you with referrals for more business and help you grow your network.

Don’t be afraid to be loyal to your friends and colleagues in the industry that have stuck by you and remember to repay the favor to them as much as you can.

Customers Will Always Remember

Binx is a cat that has been under Bette Midler’s spell ever since the 17th century and lives his immortal life in Salem. When he finds out the witches are back, he spends the rest of his time trying to avenge his sister, who they killed. This shows that if your customers have a bad experience with you, they aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Many customers just want somebody to listen and take care of their problems. In Binx’s case, all he wanted was to eventually be able to live in peace in the afterlife.

I’m surprised it how many customers comments on social media and email go unanswered by companies. It doesn’t matter how small a customer is. Often times, a pissed off customer is going to talk more about your company than a happy one. Strive to make everybody’s customer service experience a positive one, because after all, customer service is really just another form of marketing.

Presence is Key

At one scene in the movie, Max goes to a Halloween party where he finds his crush. She’s dressed in a full Halloween costume, as it everyone else at the party. This reminds me just how important presentation is in marking. Because of today’s users, no matter the industry, savvy internet users are going to evaluate your website. Your online presence displays an overall view of your business as a whole. Do not skimp on great web design and branding online.

A good website and branding makes all the difference between getting a customer’s phone call or not. Be sure to keep all your visibility and branding updated and make sure that customers are finding what they need through viewing popular exit pages and evaluating pages that have a high bounce rate (because this means that customers aren’t finding what they’re looking for).

It’s Okay to Have Fun Once in Awhile

In a middle scene in the movie, we see the protagonist’s parents at a Halloween party that really seems like a blast. Everyone is dressed up in costumes and dancing to a live band that’s playing Halloween music. This reminds me that it’s okay to let loose every once in awhile.

As a child watching Hocus Pocus, it was funny to see so many parents dancing and letting loose because you usually see parents as authority figures. The same goes for your business.

No matter how serious your company comes across, your customers like to see your company culture and your employees having fun at company events or in the workplace. Use your social media to let your customers get to know the fun side of your company better and show some of the positive things that happen around your office. Whether that’s celebrating a birthday or an annual barbecue, it’s fun to see behind the scenes of your favorite brands.

Don’t Refuse to Learn New Things

Throughout the movie we see the Sanderson Sisters struggle to learn the nuances of technology in today’s Salem. It’s comical because if you really think about it, life really has changed extremely from the 17th century to 1993 when the movie came out. This provides a valuable lesson for marketers. Just because something has worked for you in the past and your company is used to it, doesn’t mean that it works anymore.

Spend the money to go to conferences and industry events to learn the latest in marketing and industry technology so you can take advantage of it for your business. This can help you stay ahead of your competitors and come off as professional and up-to-date to your customers.

Great business owners and employees are lifelong learners, so let employees purchase books in other learning materials touches online classes, and make sure the education is really valued in your workplace.

Overall, Hocus Pocus is a fun and silly movie that’s perfect for the fall season. While it’s highly unlikely that three witches are going to get into marketing, it’s fun to see that this movie provides valuable lessons for us as marketers. Whether you’re engaging better with your customers through company culture post on social media or customer service request on Twitter, the value of having fun and marketing and making sure you’re customers are happy goes a long way.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones