Blog posts are one of the key elements of your website. You have to feed it regularly to reap the benefits of search engine optimization. If you would like to make sure your blog posts are well-accepted by your audience, you can always use these 7 failproof blog post types with great examples and headlines:

1. How-to post

We are eternal learners so it is not surprising that how-to blog posts gain a lot of attention. How to posts bring value to readers and it is a good way to showcase your expertise. Add images/screenshots.

Headline examples:

  • How to <Write> The Perfect <Pitch>
  • How to Become A <Wordpress Ninja> in No Time
  • How to Run An Effective <Networking Event>

There’s some great how-to articles here from WikiHow.

2. Ultimate guide post

The ultimate guide post is popular because it gives a sense of authority or expertise. It can be more effective if you choose a trending topic.

Headline examples:

  • The Ultimate Guide to <SnapChat Marketing>
  • The Ultimate Guide to <Becoming a Writer> Even if <You Don’t Have Writing Experience>
  • Your Ultimate Guide to <Financial Freedom>

Read an awesome how-to article from Kissmetrics on this type.

3. Case study post

A case study post is proven to be one of the most read post types. Who doesn’t want to know how others achieved success and overcame failure, right?

Headline examples:

  • How <Social Media> Helped Increase <Brand Awareness> for This <Online Shop>
  • Learn How This <IT company> Increased Their <Sales by 60% in 30 months> with <Cold Emailing>
  • 8 Lessons Learned from a <Work From Home Freelancer>

Looking for a good example of a case study post? Here’s one from Backlinko.

4. List post

You see this everywhere. It is because this type of post is effective. It is organized and quantifiable. They are also called listicles.

Headline examples:

  • Top <10> Ways to Grow Your <Email List>
  • <101> Quotes to Inspire Every Entrepreneur
  • <8> Ideas to Spark Your <Inner Creative>

Here is a good list post example from Buffer.

5. Interview post

An interview post is a good way to resonate with your audience. This adds humanity to your posts especially if the interview is in video or podcast format.

Headline examples:

Here is a great example of a podcast interview post from Entrepreneur On Fire.

6. Frequently Asked Questions post

Faqs post is an excellent way to help your audience by giving them the information they need. This can also serve as a way to connect and engage with your audience as you collect the questions they need answered.

Headline examples:

  • Your Questions About <Influencer Marketing> Answered
  • FAQs: <Social Media Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations>
  • Questions and Answers: How to <Prepare for Your Job Interview>

Looking for a good example of a FAQs post? Read this.

7. Expert Round-Up post

An expert round-up post is a collection of tips or quotes from authority figures in a certain niche. This is an ideal way to connect with influencers in your niche.

Headline examples:

  • <80> <Fitness> Experts Share their Tips on <How to Lose Weight Fast>
  • These <Business Gurus> Share Their #1 Tip <To Scale Fast>
  • Inspiring Quotes from <50 Motivational Speakers>

Get inspired by this expert round up post.

Which of these post types will you use next time you publish a blog post? Let us know on Twitter!

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