What’s an impression? How do you calculate the engagement rate? Do you even know how many followers you have?

Getting overwhelmed by all of the marketing jargon is beyond normal. It simply comes with the territory which is why we are providing you with a quick crash course on some terms we think you should know.

Marketing Analytics

Engagement Rate

This metric is important because it helps measure the rate at which your followers engage with your posts. Let’s imagine that 400 people liked your post, you received 25 comments and you have 5000 followers. You’d calculate your engagement rate by adding the number of likes and comments (which equals 425) and then divide that by the number of followers (425/5000) and multiply that number by 100. So your engagement rate would be 8.5%


What’s an impression you ask? That’s an easy one! An impression is anytime a post or ad is displayed on the user’s screen.


Unlike impressions, engagements only occur when a user likes, retweets, shares, or comments on a social media post. It earns its name because users are in fact “engaging” with the content.

Tracking URL

If you ever hear someone mention tracking URLs or UTMs, they are referring to the codes you can add to a URL to track it. For example, you might want to see how specific posts on Facebook perform. By adding UTM codes, you can assess the performance of a specific post in Google Analytics thanks to these nifty parameters.


What do you do to keep your content fresh and exciting? Are there any other key tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to learn from other creative marketers! 

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