It’s Thanksgiving Day but you’re a marketer…what should you do? There’s so much you could devote your attention to.

Macy’s Day Parade

The Dog Show

Your Grandma

Basting Turkey

Which do you choose? Well, here are a few options we highly recommend:

Macy’s Day Parade

This parade is a gold-mine of social media content. That’s right, you can kick back, relax, AND watch with grandma while keeping an eye out for trending content.

Did a celebrity say something funny?

Did one of the floats escape?

No matter what happens, you’ll stay relevant if you’re on top of the latest happenings.

Dog Show

Yes, here’s ANOTHER classic Thanksgiving tradition that you can easily morph into a marketing activity. Join the conversation by using the relevant hashtags but plug your own interests as well.

Have you used your dog to promote your business before? Perfect. Take this opportunity to shamelessly promote your pooch’s good looks while benefitting from a highly used hashtag.

Brand Colors

Here’s an easy way to make unrelated items relatable. All you need to do is find content that matches your brand’s colors. Snap a pic and post it. What once had nothing to do with your business is now intimately related thanks to a little creative thinking.

Quotable Moments

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends so use that downtime wisely. Ask your uncle for his business advice. We bet it’s better than you’re thinking. So take notes and quote him in your next tweet. It shows good business sense runs in the family.


That’s right. We are officially giving you full permission to do absolutely nothing on this day of gratitude. Pull on your sweatpants, grab a turkey leg, and put your cell phone down.

It’s special to spend time with those you love so if you can, use this time to be fully present and engaged…but we won’t judge you one bit if you sneak in a quick tweet or two.


Happy Thanksgiving from your Six Stories family!

What do you do to keep your content fresh and exciting? Are there any other key tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to learn from other creative marketers! 

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