When it comes time to enjoy the holidays, keeping up with social media responsibilities can be overwhelming.

What are you supposed to post about? Should you keep posting? Do you say Happy Holidays? Seasons Greetings?

We know how stressful the holidays can be so here are a few tips and tricks for staying on top of everything while taking some time to breathe.

Use Buffer

Make it super simple by scheduling your posts in advance. A little pre-work will take you far when it’s Christmas Eve and you’d rather snuggle by the fire than open your laptop.

Create A #Throwback Campaign

You’ve already created a ton of great content so start recycling it! Share some of your favorite posts from the current year and why you like them. Or count down to the new year by sharing a blog post each day.

Meme It Up

Take advantage of some of the best memes. If you’re posting for a fun brand, this is a great opportunity to keep it light and exciting. If you’re feeling particularly creative, make your own!’

Post A Holiday Message

Go ahead and claim your break! Let your followers know that you’re signing off for the holidays. Write a message thanking your followers for the year and let them know when you’ll be back!

Don’t feel guilty about hitting “pause” and taking your life back! Taking time to relax over the holidays is just as important as hustling. So sip that eggnog and put your feet up, it’s time to breathe!

What do you do to keep your content fresh and exciting? Are there any other key tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to learn from other creative marketers! 

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