While high organic traffic is every brand’s dream, it is certainly not easy to achieve, and even harder to maintain. Notice a drop in visitors lately, especially in certain pages in your site? Don’t spend more money on click baits just yet. Maybe you just need to consider these key factors first.


Substantial, well-crafted content will not let you down. In fact, well-researched, relevant, and well-written informative content can boost your traffic years after you have published them. When it comes to articles, you must make sure you are giving your readers something true, useful, and unique. You cannot expect high organic traffic if your content is run-of-the-mill. It’s also important to be publishing new content regularly that is also high quality. If you need help with content creation, check out the packages we offer at StoryShout or through MoxieDot by contacting us.

Unindexed or poorly indexed pages

Are you linking back to your blog posts? Do you have a sitemap? Does your sitemap make sense to human readers? If you want spiders to crawl your website easier, your content must be organized and mapped out properly. Most blog sites like WordPress would have their own site mapping tools using robot.txt. Be careful about manipulating your robot.txt though. Apply white hat tactics to avoid penalties and low rankings. Build on valuable, navigable content.

Frequent or recent website updates

When you make changes to your website, you need to wait it out before the search engine spiders manage to crawl through your data again. That’s the downside of organic traffic. It’s built to last if you hardly make any structural adjustments to your site. They’re taken off track, though, when you always tweak your site. The trick: try to stick to one website design for as long as possible. If you have to update your look, at least maintain your content’s URL addresses so your published links don’t die.

Black Hat SEO

Simply put, these are bad practices in the trade. They include keyword stuffing (mentioning certain phrases too frequently in the text to fake relevance), meta tags, misleading headlines and, so on. Back when search engine spiders were new and easy to manipulate, a lot of websites employed these practices to trick the system. But spiders are more intelligent now. Their standards come very close to expert human readers, so you might as well write for human readers. MoxieDot never participates in black hat SEO practices and we urge our customers and audience to do so as well.

On-site Optimization

There are effective ways for you to still get top rankings. One is organic keyword usage. Using relevant words or phrases in your blog entries can help spiders index your relevance to specific search queries faster. The key is to not overdo it.

Try not to add keywords that could annoy human readers. Position them so that they are hardly recognized as SEO devices. You should also name your uploaded images using keywords or blog entry titles.

This way, when they show up in image searches, there is always a chance visitors will click on your blog post. You may also want to provide social media buttons at the end of your content so your visitors could share your content online. The more frequently your content is shared, the higher your organic traffic will be.

For more actionable SEO tips for your website, read this link.

Industry Trends and Waning Brand Interest

Sometimes, your website’s organic traffic behavior indicates a change in the temperament of your target market. Don’t be put down. Instead, see what your rivals are doing which make their SEO and marketing efforts more effective than yours. Keep your cool and look at it as an opportunity.to learn. Soon enough, you should be able to spot your weak areas and improve. Game face on!

Website Usability

How valuable is the content in your website? When strategizing your content, always have your audience in mind. What would they like to find on your website? Why are you worth their precious time? Anchor the tone and substance of your website content according to these things. Watch your Organic traffic increase as you put these principles into practice.

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