If you resonate with feeling like you’re behind in your industry or you’re just not clicking with the latest trends, an online marketing course might be for you. A quick first glance at online marketing courses is likely to leave many of us feeling overwhelmed because there is a ton of content out there. However, determining the quality is a much harder problem.

Depending on your specific field, experience level, and interest in a given subject, some of the below courses may not be completely applicable, but nonetheless, they are well-done and worthy of attention.

Inbound Marketing Course

This is one of the more well-known marketing courses that also doubles as a certification from Hubspot. This course “consists of twelve class lectures that span the four stages of the inbound methodology. From optimizing your website to landing page anatomy, to honing your inbound sales skills, this free certification course covers the basics of what inbound is all about.” We will be honest, it takes 5 hours and ends in a test that you must pass. The content includes SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, and more. Still not convinced? Over 60,000 people have taken this course.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

60,000 must be the dream number because this course also boasts having that many enrolled (60,009 to be precise!). This course is perfect for those who run their own business or are just looking to learn more about digital marketing. You can’t help but learn during this 19.5-hour course (yeesh, we know but the course only costs $19 so it’s a steal). While the course covers a variety of topics, the most time is devoted to SEO, Facebook Marketing, and Google Analytics. So if you’re looking for an extremely thorough introduction, look no further.

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

So while the title hints at this, yes, this course is for those more experienced marketers looking to build their client list. What’s interesting about this free course is that if properly executed, they claim their advice on client conversion can be achieved in as little as 48 hours. To take the course, you must first have an active Facebook account, YouTube account, and Reddit account as many of their ideas involve using groups on these sites to gain clients.

Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques

The cool thing about this course is that it’s part of Wharton’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate, which allows a student to participate in the highest level of education online. While the price per course is pretty steep ($585 per course), this is perfect for the more analytically minded. It covers Regression Analysis: modeling cause and effect, Conjoint Analysis: valuing attributes and measuring preference, Social Media Analytics, and New Techniques in Market Research. This is definitely not a course for beginners but we wanted to include some continuing education options for our marketing experts.


So whether you are a beginner or experienced marketer, there’s a course for you in this list. We tried to provide a variety of price points to appeal to all sized wallets. If you want to know what other courses we have our eye on, contact us at MoxieDot and we would be happy to chat further!





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